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Thank you for your interest in my writing.

I am excited to finally finish my full first draft of First Impressions Underground (working title), as well as start the sequel, Her [First] Move (working title). FIU is something I started back in Spring 2007; when I was still a student at Keene State College. And it’s been a LONG TIME coming!

By joining me, here and now, YOU will be the first to see the progression of this series. You’ll be savvy to early details of the Maalvalta Chronicles; such as, working titles, first draft conversations/scenes, and characters (that may or may not make the cut for the published work). I imagine that the content I make available during my time as a “nobody” will have to be taken down when I get to publishing my second or third book. (I’m convinced this will be the next big thing! If I don’t believe it, it won’t get written!)

I’ve already made the first draft of the prologue available to visitors of the website. I say ‘first draft’ because I have already made adjustments to it. We’ll see how editors/publishers like it when I’m 100% done with my first…second…probably, more like third draft.

If you’re sitting here wondering why you should bother coming back to this page, well…

Not only will I share a weekly “progress report” of my work, I will also include:

1) Short playlists of what inspired me during the writing process
2) Inspirational imagery of locations in Wonderland
3) Excerpts from the story (in first draft form)

And if there’s anything you’d like to see or learn about my Wonderland, please feel free to shoot me an email. I can (currently) be reached at

Until next time…I’m me, you’re you…and this has been a KLH Kellogg welcoming post!