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I hope everyone is well and enjoying their week!

It was a bit of a rough weekend for me and the husband, so I’m hoping the week will progressively turn around and that next weekend will be better than this last. With working for my mom at her art company, trying to get my new herb garden set up and back in order – since we nearly lost half the plants when we went way for a week; I am happy to announce we’ve revived all but one (verdict’s still out on the peppermint) – and then our pantry still being on our kitchen table because we started a project we weren’t really prepared to finish…

And let’s not forget that, over this weekend, we’ve started having our neighbor’s hot water back up and flood into our kitchen sink – something we’ve had an issue with earlier this year, but our HOA/CAM Team wouldn’t lift a finger to do sh*t about…

It’s been a bit of a struggle to find time to focus on my writing and work on my website.

However, I did go down a rabbit hole (so to speak) at 3:30 AM at the end of last week. During this journey, I successfully located an old Proboards account and was able to recover SO MUCH of my work from college. I found fan-fictions, micro-fictions, poetry, and more –┬áincluding the VERY FIRST 5k+ words I’d EVER written for First Impressions Underground!

And as I skimmed through my old work, I found some relatively decent pieces I wouldn’t mind sharing with all of you. I want to give you all some insight to my early days of writing and, hopefully, it will hold you over until the release of my first epic novel!

The first of this content is a tragedy I wrote back in 2009, titled Remember When It Rained. It was inspired by Josh Groban’s song of the same title and was originally a fan-fiction I posted within the forums of McFly’s (a British band) website. [So, please, be kind…lol]

I’ll be posting more short stories, micro-fictions (also known as flash fictions), and poetry over the course of the year…so stay tuned!

Until then…I’ve been me, you’ve been you, and this has been my first announcement! ­čÖé


~Katie Laine