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Young Adult Novel

First Impressions

by Katie Laine

When Liz Bennet and her friend, Charlie, fall down the rabbit hole, they’re met with more than the whimsical world of Wonderland.

As they journey to locate special keys and the right looking-glass to open a portal back to their world, every square on the chessboard suddenly reflects Regency England.

Bear witness as beloved characters make their first impressions underground.

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Katie Laine

Katie Laine was born and raised in southern New Hampshire, along with her older sister and younger brother.

She graduated from Keene State College, Class of 2011, with a BA in Theatre Design/Technology and a Minor in Creative Writing. It was in her writing workshops where she first conceived First Impressions Underground (originally Pride & Prejudice in Wonderland).

In fall 2011, she moved to New York City to work as a wardrobe/costume designer assistant. After eight months she was wardrobe supervisor for Off-Broadway’s “7th Monarch”. Health concerns returned Katie to New Hampshire; which ultimately brought her back to Wonderland, as well! She focused on the first drafts of the Maalvalta series.

In November 2013, she spent the month in Clarion, PA working on the set of “Be Afraid” (viewable on Netflix), as Wardrobe Assistant – which earned her a page on IMDb. A year later, she landed a job at The Disney Store in her hometown and eventually transferred to a position in Jacksonville, Florida. It was at this time that Katie ceased all creative work, for fear of losing ownership of them to the Walt Disney Company. After two years, Katie transferred to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida – where she worked for 7 months before leaving the company entirely. Once again, she was drawn back to Wonderland.

Within her first year of living in Florida, she met her (now) husband. They married in October 2019 and reside in Jacksonville, still. They welcomed their first daughter in April 2022 and recently welcomed their second (January 2024). When Katie isn’t taking on motherly duties or working for her mother’s business, she’s focused on writing!

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